DJI Inspire 2 Battery Install

DJI Inspire 2 Battery Install

Which is battery compartment 1 and which is compartment 2

If you are reading this blog you will probably know that the DJI Inspire 2 drone utilises a two TB 50 high performance batteries per flight.<br>These batteries must form a battery pair, meaning that the same two batteries are used in tandem on any particular flight. For example if you have 4 batteries, ie two flight sets, batteries 1 and 2 would be paired and always used together and batteries 3 and 4 would be paired and always used together. The DJI go app allows you to pair batteries together.<br>The battery pairs should always be charged together, meaning they should be opposite each other on the standard 4 port charger.

Battery Labeling

I currently have 8 batteries i.e. 4nr flight sets, my batteries are labelled as follows:

Set 1 A and AA

Set 2 B and BB

Set 3 C and CC

Set 4 D and DD

Battery Health

It is vital for safe operation of the equipment to monitor the health of your batteries. Fortunately the DJI Go flight app provides data on this every time you power up the app and your drone. Tap the battery icon at the top of the app screen and the battery information will be displayed. The information provided should be similar to that shown below:

Screen shot of battery information at end of flight

Monitor Critical Battery Information

The critical information you should be monitoring for battery health is as follows:

• Always make sure batteries are at max charge (%) before take-off

• Ensure status is given as “Normal”

• Battery temperature must be 15o or higher (use self heat function if cooler)

• Check the individual cell voltages they should be within +- 0.01v of each other

• Check battery temperature at end of flight

Which Battery is Which?

If a battery is showing as defective in the app you need to know which one it is, but unfortunately the battery compartments on the drone are not labelled. My investigation has revealed that the battery compartments on the drone are oriented as follows:

Based on this information I always insert the single letter battery (eg A) into compartment 1 and the double letter battery into compartment 2 (eg AA). In this manner I can quickly determine which battery might have an issue.

Please note that the batteries must be considered as a pair. Therefore if one battery is showing a cell error don’t just replace that particular battery – use a completely different pair for the flight.

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